If It's Broke, Fix It:

2 ipad screens cracked
1 propane leak on the atlantic crossing
1 broken Gooseneck pin for the boom
2 broken deck vents
1 broken sonar depth guage
3 led night lights shorted out
1 windex
12 broken eggs
7 hanks ripped out of the main
1 Boomvang block sheared off
2 broken genoa halyards
6 tears in the main
4 tears in the cutter sail
4 cutter sail hanks torn out
1 Fire extinguisher flying around cabin after the bracket broke
1 torn genoa leech
1 40gal water tank support cracked
1 anchor chain and 1 anchor rode cut by coastguard
4 Groundings, all in the Chesapeake
1 engine and engine stringers torn out of engine bay
1 2ft x 3ft Mirror overboard
3 Killer Whales protecting their cub by "guiding" us along a different route
1 Toilet overboard (it really was an accident)
2 frying pans overboard
1 transmission broken
1 winch handle overboard
1 Port navlight torn off
1 Roller furling broken
1 Bow roller block ripped off
1 Halyard torn
30 Leaks in/around the boat
2 Icebox door latches broken
1 Water bladder puncture
1 Forestay tang sheared (luckily found in port)
6 Wind vane stainless control cables
1 Wind vane trim tab mount
4 five gallon water bladders

updated 4/10/2013